The Lodge
Suffolk Care Awards Winner

The Lodge is a detached 3 bedroom bungalow in North Lowestoft, that has been refurbished to support three young people (18-30) who have a learning disability and/or are on the autistic spectrum to learn the skills they need to live more independently.

Our aim is for young people to feel safe, have fun and experience an opportunity to live the life they choose.

Residents are offered a 2-year license agreement which includes signing up to a bespoke learning programme to develop life skills.

Each customer has their own individually assessed modules of learning called a Progression Pathway, outcomes include:
• Managing money, budgeting, paying bills
• Basic meal preparation, eating healthily, using kitchen appliances
• Maintaining a safe, tidy home and using domestic appliances
• Managing personal hygiene and health conditions

As part of the Progression Pathway customers are encouraged to pursue their interests and aspirations outside of the home. These include:
• Access to paid employment, training and education opportunities
• Building confidence, being socially active and developing relationships
• Being safe and active in the community, using public transport
• Using technology safely - including mobile phones, social media and the internet

Each customer is assigned an experienced keyworker who will build a relationship with the young person and their family. They will work with them to develop their Care and Support Plan and identify goals within the Progression Pathway.

Customers are involved in planning their own Person Centred Review (PCR). This meeting is used to:
• Celebrate achievements and outcomes
• Review the Progression Pathway
• Discuss ‘what is working’ & ‘what is not working’
• Problem solve and agree actions for the future

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