Independence plus

Live independently in your own home through a bespoke package of domiciliary support in Suffolk.
Domiciliary Care in Suffolk

Our personal assistance service provides high quality, bespoke support so you can be independent in your own home and do the things you want to do in your local community. Our focus is on delivering personalised home care and domiciliary support services throughout Suffolk which are built around the needs of the individual. We can provide a broad range of domiciliary care services including help around the home, housekeeping and with personal care.  We are also able to provide support so you can pursue your interests, get out and about and do the things you want to do. Where support is being provided in the home by a family carer we are also able to provide additional home care and respite. We are also able to provide care in the home for people with more complex needs.

In addition to offering domiciliary support services, our staff are also trained in the administration of some medications.

Offering Flexible Home Care Packages
Throughout Suffolk

Home care packages are highly flexible and are built around your needs, ranging from a few hours a week to more intensive support. Leading Lives provide a wide range of home care and domiciliary care services throughout Suffolk to support a variety of individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about our Independence plus domiciliary care and home care services, please contact us.