Stowmarket Launch Event 2013

Wayne's Story

Wayne had been living in a residential home with other individuals for over 20 years, Wayne was on the Autistic Spectrum and had some behaviours of concern which often happened because of the other people living there causing him distress. Everyone felt Wayne would be happier in his own environment which he could control.

What we did:  
We worked with ACS on a plan to help Wayne to find single occupancy accommodation, this involved getting him on the Gateway to Home Choice and working with Social Work teams to help design his support package. Staff helped Wayne adjust to living independently by exploring different techniques within his current living situation. Staff held Person Centred Reviews and completed Support Plans in a person centred way. Due to Wayne’s autism best interest meetings were held as he did not have capacity to make some of the difficult decisions as these would have caused him distress so the team used all the information they had gathered to help find the property and to prepare it for him.

In October after the team found the property and prepared it, Wayne moved into his own house. He is more communicative showing less behaviours of concern and is now in control of his life and how he is supported. This choice and control is helping him develop new skills and express feelings which in the past had never been seen. We believe the possibilities are now endless and Wayne's considering holidays. Wayne's changed his weekly timetable to do what he wants, when he wants it, he has his own and has his own staff team. He was involved in the selection process showing who he liked/disliked. This was respected by the team and managers. The support currently is full time including sleep ins so a complex package delivered in a Person Centred Way.

What did people say:
Beverley Chambers Social Worker: "Ed and the team have worked so hard to make this process work and seeing Wayne answer the door to his own house was a wonderful moment and one we didn’t think could ever happen".