Stowmarket Launch Event 2013

Trevor's story

Trevor is customer at Leading Lives New South West Hub and attends five days a week. He enjoys his time at NSW but was spending a lot of money getting taxis from his home to the Hub and back, so was referred to the Leading Lives Progression team for travel training.

Trevor was supported by a progression worker over six weeks to become independent in his commute to NSW and back, in all aspects of his commute including walking, crossing, stranger danger, accessing the bus and all aspects of safety around his journey. This support included the aid of flash cards, physical support during his journey, stay safe cards and his journey was risk assessed.

After his six weeks training Trevor has become independent in his commute, safely taking two buses per journey and traveling from home to NSW and back with no problems.

Trevor is very happy with his progress and independence in this, he is also happy with the money he is saving from no longer needing taxis and has said he is looking forward to spending his money on a holiday to the seaside.