Stowmarket Launch Event 2013

Lisa’s Story

We support many people with learning disabilities who live independently in the community through our Progression Service.  We often provide support for people to manage finances and assist with benefit and tenancy issues.  One of our progression customers, Lisa needed help to manage her tenancy and benefit claims due to her being in danger of losing her ability to live independently. 

Lisa didn’t take any interest in her appearance or self-care and she had low confidence.  It was important that she began to regain confidence and to believe in her ability to live independently.

Building trust between customer and Support worker is very important and in the early stages we supported her to attend a Spa Day. This encouraged Lisa to feel safe and secure with our support and also to feel more confident in herself.  We supported her to tidy her home, remove rubbish and set up cleaning schedules, all the time working with her to encourage confidence, skills and independence.
We supported Lisa to move into temporary accommodation while her flat was renovated and also supported with a successful back dated PIP claim which has made a big difference to her quality of life.

Lisa now has a voluntary job which she goes to independently.

Lisa takes pride in her appearance and is far more self confident.

Lisa has built some friendships and is maintaining these independently.

Lisa is now maintaining her home and household tasks which has reduced her risk of losing her home.

Lisa is now looking forward to life and planning the future with confidence.